Lennebelle Petites Miss Universe giftset for mother and daughter in gold


'We are individuals but some of us belong together the way the earth orbits around the sun’

The Miss Universe bracelets for mother and daughter are inspired by our solar system. The mother bracelet visualises ‘You are my sun my moon and all my stars’. The daughter bracelet shows all the planets in right order and color from our own milkyway. A perfect way to spark conversation with your eager to learn little one! The planets are made from different kind of gemstones; Pyrite (bronze=Mercury) Carnelian (orange=Venus) Lapis Lazuli (blue=Earth) Coral (red=Mars)

Size: The mother bracelet is 17-18 cm (6,7-7,1 inches) and the daughter bracelet is 14-16 cm (5,5-6,3 inches) and every size in between.

Material: RJC-certified (sustainable) 18 k gold plating over sterling silver

Packaging: The Miss Universe bracelets come in a giftbox with the bracelet in a glass tube.


* Because of the size and the items containing small parts, daughter bracelets are meant for children of 3 years and older


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