It should come as no surprise that we love Dutch and Scandinavian clothing brands for kids! They have a big and very loyal customer following, and for good reason. There’s something about the way designers from these regions marry functionality with simple, fresh design. But it's the ethos we love most – let kids be kids. 

Scandinavian childrenswear brands go to great lengths to ensure they use high quality, durable fabrics and designs that allow children to run, jump and play. Their attention to detail is second-to-none, often including little features that allow for better movement, flexibility or durability. Clothes are specifically developed with children’s growing and constantly-on-the-move bodies in mind.

Sustainability is important too. For a long time, Scandinavia and The Netherlands have been leading the way in this area and the same applies to the regions’ fashion industries. Wherever possible they look to reduce the impact that production processes have on the environment; they look to cut out the harmful chemicals used to make clothes and they ensure strong ethical guidelines are practiced with the people making their clothes.

Sustainability is also about producing clothes that are made to last – that will survive the wear and tear that kids put them through – hopefully to be handed down to younger siblings or even generations to come. The highest quality fabrics are used – natural textiles, organic cotton, breathable fabrics, quality leather and rubber in footwear. Clothing is designed to be comfortable to wear and give freedom of movement. 

When it comes to aesthetics, the Dutch and Scandinavians know their stuff. It’s all about minimalistic styling, yet with a sense of fun. Designers manage to combine a timeless, classic look, but one that also has a fresh, contemporary twist. The style is always pared back with calm colours that will endure the seasons and can easily be mixed and matched.