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Sun safe UV beachwear from Petit Crabe

Sun safe UV beachwear from Petit Crabe

Whether you’re off to a sun-soaked destination this summer or planning a beach-bound staycation, you want to keep your little ones safe in the sun and the best place to start is with UV swimwear for kids. Our friends at Petit Crabe produce stylish and comfortable swimwear that protects against harmful UV rays.

Why use UV swimwear? Some UV rays can penetrate clothing – UV swimwear blocks out the harmful rays that regular swimwear doesn't. It’s also great to have that extra protection when the sunscreen wears off after a few hours or your kids have had lots of dips in the pool.

All Petit Crabe swimwear is lightweight, quick-drying and comes with UPF50+ protection. Ranging from infant sizes up to 12 years, you’ll find simple, chic designs and countless mix and match combinations that both little ones and older ones will love to wear.

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Petit Crabe’s swimshirts – with long sleeves and short sleeves – give great coverage for shoulders and arms. Some options come with a zipper at the front making them easy to whip on and off quickly. With a range of colours that work for both fairies and princes, pair them with either coloured shorts or striped bikini pants.


Body suits

For more coverage, check out the body suits with options for both long and short legs and sleeves – ideal for playing in and out of the water. Also available with other designs in blue and pink.


Swimsuits and swim shorts
For little fish, Petit Crabe has a range of swimsuits, bikini pants and swim shorts in a range of colours. The swim shorts with elastic and drawstrings are great combined with the turtleneck shirts. 


Swim nappies
Petit Crabe haven’t forgotten the mini ones when it comes to playing in the water! Check out these adorable swim nappies for babies. They look great paired with a swimshirt and come in a variety of colours.

Don’t forget the hat!
A floppy hat with a wide brim that shades their face, ears and neck will not only protect them from those pesky rays, but will also help keep them cool and prevent sunstroke. Petit Crabe have kids hats with UV protection to match all of their swim and beachwear. The smaller size comes with a tie to help keep them on.


Our top tips for keeping kids safe in the sun...
Make sunscreen part of the regular routine
– as you’re trying to get out the door with a multitude of bags, it’s easy to forget to apply sunscreen. Make it part of the routine before you head out, applying at least 15 minutes before sun exposure to get the best protection.

Choose a high SPF – children’s skin needs a higher factor sunscreen than adults, so opt for at least SPF30 or SPF50. And don’t forget to top it up throughout the day and after dips in the water.

Get them drinking plenty of water – have regular water breaks to keep children hydrated and help prevent sunstroke and other symptoms.

Get some shade – if you can, make sure you locate yourselves in a shady spot or bring some portable shade with you in the form of beach umbrellas or sun canopies.

Avoid the hottest times of the day – the sun is at its fiercest between midday and 3pm, so head out in the morning and come back for lunch – and a cheeky siesta – or opt for another fun activity in the morning before hitting the beach or pool later in the afternoon.

Happy travels!