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Styling for... Beach days

Styling for... Beach days

With summer holidays just around the corner, you want to make sure your little fairies and princes are properly kitted out for those glorious beach days that lie ahead. Check out our edit of sunshine-ready summer wear your children will be happy to hit the beach in.

Shorts & t-shirts
Shorts and t-shirts are the perfect beach staple, keeping them cool and comfortable. 


Wheat shorts - Lea in flintstone - £28

Wheat shorts - Mingus with stripes - £34


Little label t-shirt chill - £25

Ebbe t-shirt gologo - £22


Skirts & dresses
Loose-fitting skirts and dresses that you can just whip on and off are ideal for little  ones who are on the move.

Little Label sun dress in pink     Gray Label grey skirt

Little Label jersey dress with pink dotted stripes - £29.50

Gray Label round bottom skirt in dark grey - £24.50

No beach trip should be embarked upon without the right hat to provide some much needed shade. 

Wheat girls reversible hat blue     

Wheat reversible hat in blue flowers - £20

Petit Crabe UV swim hat - Frey in Blue Fish - £23

UV swimwear
Petit Crabe’s UV swimwear range has young beach bodies covered. Their swimshirts – with both long and short sleeved options – give great coverage for shoulders and arms and essential extra protection from UV rays. 


Petit crabe swim shirt max in blue fish - £32

Petit crabe swimshirt with zipper in watermelon - £32

Our top tips for hitting the beach...

Bring an extra set of clothes
This is never a bad idea! Bringing an extra set for them - and for you - sorts out the problem of spills and splashes or sticky sand at the end of the day.

Get into the shade
Take a beach umbrella or canopy to provide some respite from the sun and help prevent sunstroke.

Pack plenty of snacks and drinks
Kids are busy at the beach - there's a lot of running around to be done! Snacks will keep tummy rumbles at bay and water will hydrate your little ones better than sugary or fizzy drinks.

Keep topping up the SPF
Remember the golden rule of applying at least 20 minutes before sun exposure and popping more on after dips in the water.

Don’t forget the entertainment
Balls and sand toys will keep them entertained for hours, and hopefully give you a little quiet time. Books are also good for when they take some downtime in the shade.

Take a big bag
Preferably one that you can fit everything in to, so you’re not carrying multiple bags. Keep money, keys and phones in a separate – ideally waterproof – small bag that you can keep on you to avoid losing them.

Summer’s here – enjoy!