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5 tips for kids travelling outfits

5 tips for kids travelling outfits

Whilst travelling with kids is far from a fashion show, thinking about their outfit choices before you travel when it comes to practicality and comfort will make things just a little bit easier. Whether you’re flying long-haul or planning a staycation road trip – here are our top tips for travelling outfits for kids this summer:

Practicality first
Avoid any item of clothing that’s a pain to take on and off, whether it’s to get through security or for on-the-move nappy changes – cardigans with lots of small buttons, dungarees or button flys – look for elasticated waist trousers, pull-on dresses and easy to wear designs.


little label dress









MAR MAR Copenhagen trousers in vintage pink, £35

Little Label Seahorse Dress in grey, £37

Wheat granddad sweatpants in navy stripe, £17

FUB organic cotton trousers in jade, £32.50

Stuffy airports, freezing air-con on flights and balmy destinations – sometimes it’s hard to pick just one outfit that is going to keep them comfortable in all locations. The solution? Layering. Opt for short-sleeve tees under sweatshirts; leggings under dresses that they can strip off when they land and a pair of snuggly socks for the flight if they’re in sandals… easy layering pieces that will adapt to a range of environments will ensure you have all bases covered and will minimise moaning!

Tapete Crocodile striped t-shirt, £29

Little Label zipped hoodie in black, £43


Wheat Merino Wool leggings with bunny print, £28

Gray Label wide necked hoodie sweater, £39.50

Breathable fabrics
Comfort is key when it comes to travelling (for adults and smalls alike!); if you’re doing an overnight flight look for soft, organic cotton pj sets that will be snuggly yet breathable so they stay cosy without overheating. Look for pieces with stretch for added comfort and also so they don’t get crumpled in transit! Merino wool is another great fabric for travelling as it’s great for helping the body regulate its own body temperature, light-weight and soft.

Change of clothes
Whether they’re 1 or 10, chances are at some point on the journey there will be a spillage or an accident. Packing an extra set of clothes is a good safety measure (bonus tip: pack an extra top or tee for yourself too if travelling with a baby, chances are you’ll be collateral damage!). Look for light-weight knits and fabrics that won’t add bulk to your carry-on luggage.


Wheat t-shirt in powder rose, £18

Wheat trousers in bird print, £34

Ebbe t-shirt in blue stripe, £19

Wheat Nicklas trousers in grey blue, £15

Get organised

There’s nothing worse than trying to find the last nappy (or your passport) at the bottom of a huge carry-on bag. Christina Rohde’s range of beauty bags and pouches in pretty floral prints come in a range of sizes  – perfect for in-flight essentials, changing bag or medicines.

5 more things we ensure we pack when travelling:

Comforter/blanket – pack their favourite comforter or familiar toy that will help them settle quickly in a strange environment.

Lollipops – great to keep them occupied and distracted for take off and landing and they’ll also help with ‘popping ears’.

One new thing – be it a new picture book, small toy car or travel game, have something new and novel up your sleeve to keep them distracted when boredom sets in!

Snacks – whether it’s to quell hunger when travel delays strike, or simply a distraction technique, keep a selection of mess-free snacks to hand will help you keep the peace.

A mini first aid kit – you don’t need the full works but for peace of mind, keeping simple items such as plasters, antiseptic cream, age-appropriate pain-relief or travel sickness meds to hand will ensure you have everything you need to hand in a crisis.